What Can ECM Do For You | Top 5 Benefits of ECM

Enterprise content management (ECM) is a technology that allows you to take control of the critical information in your organization. Information that is often held in documents, emails, invoices, contracts and many other mediums. Most companies need a strategic ECM solution after identifying an overarching problem of handling too much paper and other content. Too much content can causes bottlenecks when trying to process, access, or store the information. Once you implement an ECM solution into your organization, you and your team will enjoy numerous benefits. Here are the top benefits of ECM.

Top 5 Benefits of ECM


  1. Keep track of all your information. A smart ECM solution will give you the ability for complete, secure document management, from creation through destruction. Documents should be centralized, searchable, and automatically linked to the appropriate account.
  2. Reduce operating costs. An ECM solution will eliminate the cost of printing, shipping, and storing paper because your content will be captured digitally. Digital capture will provide you with instant access to content and processes from anywhere, including mobile devices. Instant access paired with the automation will increase productivity without increasing your staff.
  3. Give you document version control. With version/revision control losing control over critical documents can be a thing of the past. Your team can work on one document at the same time while recording notes and comments on documents. Additionally, documents have a time-stamped saved versions in case you need to revert back to an earlier rendering.
  4. Improve customer service. Recover the time spent searching in multiple locations for documents and waiting for files. Instant access gives you real-time visibility into the status of requests and transactions. Furthermore, you can provide customers with access to complete forms and make requests online.
  5. Minimize risk. ECM solutions allow for easy enforcement of your security policies while tracking all documents accessed and activities taken place on those documents. It facilitates reporting and auditing on the information you have already, as well as the information you may need. There is also no need to worry about retention periods, as your ECM solution will automate retention times and records management requirements.