How ECM Solves Key Business Process Challenges

What challenges do you face in your business processes? Are you unsure? Whether or not you can pinpoint the problem, if you know you can improve your business processes, let’s try focusing on six of the most common problems we hear from our clients. We’re guessing that at least one (if not all) of these issues will sound familiar. Be sure to take the time to read all of these, it will help you get a sense of the true benefits of implementing an ECM solution into your organization. Time stealers, productivity killers, and ulcer promoters-BE GONE!

  1. We have too much paper! Unfortunately there is no guide that tells us how much paper is too much paper—this tends to be a subjective measurement. Paper, by way of applications, resumes, receipts, work orders, invoices, bills, and more, consumes time across an entire organization because of the ways the company interacts with it. Human resources, accounts payable and receivable, facilities management—even the holy grail of all business, customer service—is affected by the way paper is handled. Slow processing, difficulty retrieving files, incomplete information, duplicated work, the physical space it consumes, the employees’ time it consumes…these are all reasons to implement an ECM solution. A digitized content management solution can eliminate wasteful, unproductive steps from your operational and administrative processes.
  2. Where is that document? Overwhelmed with paper is one thing, overwhelmed by information is another. After all, most of us would prefer to eliminate paper if we had the chance to. Information on the other hand? It’s the lifeblood of a competitive company. The more information you have, the better…right? If your information is disorganized, misfiled, or plainly lost, you can’t use the information you worked so hard to obtain. An ECM solution can reduce the time to retrieve files and complete system audits. Documents are centralized, searchable, and with the right solution, automatically linked to appropriate accounts/customers/patients/employees/etc. An ECM solution can bring clarity to all of your data (electronic and otherwise) and allow for easy tracking of critical documents.
  3. Which version is the right version? Too many versions of “final” documents create headaches. An ECM solution that allows for document management and version/revision control will leave you stress (and headache) free. Businesses can centralize the management of changing business documents, and provide offline synchronization for remote users, ensuring that everyone is accessing the most up-to-date version of the document in question. You will be able to manage the creation, revision, and distribution of critical business documents and therefore, no longer need to worry about those “old version” mishaps.
  4. This process takes forever! Most organizations have some version of a low-value task and moving paper from one employee to another is definitely an example of one. Placing a request for file retrieval, the actual act of retrieving the file, then sending it, and finally reviewing it takes time out of your day that could be spent on higher-quality items. An ECM solution can help eliminate low-value tasks such as this. Workflow tools automatically process work and can be easily configured to meet rapidly changing business conditions. Only the right people will be able to access documents and information; this improves customer service with faster file review turnaround times, reduces costs by freeing staff from manual tasks, and helps enforce consistent business practices that ensure accountability and compliance.
  5. Compliance regulations are keeping me up at night. With the increasing levels of compliance regulations and required audits (both internal and external), keeping track of necessary documents is more critical now than ever before. A well thought out ECM solution can ease minds and facilitate audits and other compliance requirements with ease. You can provide remote, secure, access to critical documentation when needed, as well as manage the length of retention and final disposition of documents. You set the date and the system will automatically purge that document for you!