State of Information Management

Private and public organizations move to adopt and implement the latest technologies to build out their information management ecosystems and digitally transform their operational processes, there are challenges to overcome in extending the capabilities—once confined to the desktop—beyond the corporate walls to comprehensive transactional processes.

Key Findings in the State of Information Management Report

In General

  • Twenty-four percent of respondents report that many of their processes are completely digital.
  • Fifty-five percent of respondents cite costs and productivity as their biggest driver for Digital Transformation.
  • Twenty-nine percent of respondents are formulating Information Governance (IG) policies for decision making. In fact, 27% indicating they make decisions based upon their established IG policies.
  • Chaos is the description used by 23% of respondents in relation to governance and management of multi-channel inbound information.
  • Outlander is the label 29% of respondents placed upon themselves in relation to cloud migration.


  • In the most recent state of information management report, enhanced automated processes and workflows are in place among 18% of respondents with an additional 42% citing they are in the process of doing so.
  • When asked about mobile use for information access, business applications, and process interactions, 39% of respondents see themselves as Trailblazers in their personal lives and 31% in their business lives.
  • When it comes to mobile device capabilities, 21% say they are Trailblazers in process approvals on mobile.


  • When considering use of automated recognition and routing, 43% of respondents position themselves as Outlanders.
  • Additionally, focusing on multi-point capture and workflow, 19% consider themselves as Trailblazers in this area.
  • Not everyone is dependent upon information management systems according to a mere 27% who say 100% of their office/knowledge workers are.
  • Serious disruption in business would occur within 15 minutes if a major outage were to happen with their content application according to 12% of respondents.

State of Information Management: Social, Cloud, and Analytics

  • When looking at cloud use in an organization, 68% of respondents are personally using a cloud for business.
  • Turning our attention to cloud deployment within an organization, 21% say they are still experimenting with various options.
  • Regarding hosting or deployment methods, 21% indicate preferences to a private cloud hosted within their data center.

Opinions and Spend

  • Forty-three percent agree that the term ECM no longer applies and is limiting. Seventy-one percent say no information governance
  • The human factor seems to remain the biggest challenge to project success followed by costs and budgets.
  • Analytics seems to have the greatest focus over the next 12 months with an indicated increase of spending by 46% of respondents.

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