OnBase adds visibility, speed and control to AP and HR Processes – CRM, A Walbec Company

The Challenge

Manually processing invoices created a lack of visibility and coding errors for AP staff at Construction Resources Management (CRM). With offices scattered across the Midwest, the company acts as a shared services center for its other construction companies. In a single year alone, it processes over 90,000 invoices, which left room for plenty of mistakes.

The approval process often kicked off with CRM’s Waukesha, Wisconsin, office mailing invoices to each branch for project managers to code and approve. They would then mail them back to the main office for additional processing.

“There wasn’t a good way to know where things were in the process and things got lost in the mix,” said Linda Pawlak, Vice President of HR at CRM. “We weren’t tracking how long it took for invoices to get back to the main office, and we didn’t have visibility into whether or not they came back except if a vendor let us know that our invoice was past due.”

Everything changed when CRM implemented OnBase by Hyland.

“OnBase affords us the opportunity to understand due dates. With those due dates, we ensure that you pay your invoices in a timely manner and avoid late fees. It’s improved the service we provide and our payment times to vendors.”
– Bill ZumMallen, IT manager, Construction Resource Management

The Solution

Working with Naviant, an authorized OnBase solution provider, CRM implemented OnBase to improve invoice processing.

Soon afterward, because of its success in AP, the company leveraged OnBase in HR to reduce paper handling.

  • Firstly, it eliminates manual invoice processing with integration, adding speed and control.
  • It also speed payments with automated approval notifications and escalations.
  • Additionally, it eliminates paper in HR and provides instant information access.

The Difference

CRM uncovered some significant benefits when they implemented OnBase.

  • CRM reduces AP costs.
  • Additionally, it increases visibility.
  • Finally, it speeds approvals with mobile support

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