Manage the Entire Digital Employee Record on a Single Platform

Examine how you make decisions in HR

Think of the most critical business processes in your HR office – the ones that are essential to the success of your business. Now think of who is involved in that process. For example, think of the staff collecting data and documents during employee onboarding and offboarding. Or perhaps a manager who initiates or approves contract hiring. Most of the time, the decision-maker or process initiator is someone who is not a staff member of your office. When this is the case, smarter business process technology makes a difference.

How many hours do you spend shuffling through paperwork, filing employee documents, and chasing employees for missing documents? Unfortunately, simply thinking about it is exhausting.

With an enterprise content management (ECM) solution, you can eliminate data entry, routing of folders and lost paperwork. You can automate communications to staff when steps or documents are missing or complete. All of the employee documents will be safe, secure, and protected. The right digital employee records solution even integrates with your current system of files.

Let go of the paper and free up your time. Instead, focus your energy where it is most needed.

An HR ECM solution, like OnBase, can help you to solve a variety of challenges.

In particular, OnBase solutions impact the following:

Recruiting and Selection

Firstly, OnBase captures, stores, and routes applicant files for review automatically.

Employee Onboarding

Additionally, OnBase provides visibility into onboarding processes to speed up task completion.

Employee File Management

It also creates one, central location to store and manage employee files.

Policies and Procedures

Simultaneously, it eliminates the distribution of paper forms for policy and procedure updates.

Employee Relations

In addition, OnBase documents employee performance management and improvement issues.

Employee Offboarding

Finally, it enables HR staff to automate tasks necessary for employee departures.

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