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Enterprise content management’s role as a centralized document repository is well established, and organizations are readily benefiting from basic screen-level integrations that serve up documents in the context of core business systems. However, ECM’s value increases exponentially when leveraged as an information hub between line-of-business (LOB) systems, like SAP, working to facilitate key processes, keep data in sync, and maximize investments in existing applications. Many of our clients are SAP users, so we’ve become well acquainted with this integration, even achieving Hyland’s SAP Integration Competency Status for our expertise in implementing it.

Information is the lifeblood of organizations, yet most companies still struggle to find data strewn across disconnected silos, many containing related but inconsistent material. The challenge of managing data across independent systems is made that much more difficult by today’s ever-increasing volumes.

A new IDG Research Services survey finds that organizations manage, on average, 48 LOB applications containing critical business information, while a quarter of organizations juggle more than 100 applications.

Companies that haven’t made the leap to integrate ECM with LOB applications face an even tougher challenge making effective and efficient use of critical business data. This group, highly reliant on manual, hard-to-manage processes, remains a dominant force: The IDG survey shows an alarming 69% of respondents still rely on network file servers to share and manage documents, while nearly half (47%) depend on Microsoft Office SharePoint to store and access documents related to data housed in LOB applications.

Enterprise content management, already entrenched as a central document repository, can play a much more significant role beyond delivering quick access to critical documents. When used as an enterprise information hub, ECM can replace inefficient manual tasks with automated business processes that propel companies on the path to the confident decision making that leads to a competitive edge.

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