It’s Time to Automate Your Automation

Getting the latest and greatest robotic process automation (RPA) is important and is helping a wide and growing variety of organizations unlock dramatic increases in productivity. But the level of your organization’s success with RPA is very dependent on your automation decisions. Making the right choice can increase efficiency, prevent errors, and reduce costs. At the same time, you want to avoid spending too much time and money on the decision-making process.

There are many decisions to make when you take the plunge into the world of RPA. They can include:

  • Which processes would benefit most from automation?
  • When should I automate them?
  • Which versions of my processes should I automate?

Kryon Process Discovery simplifies the process of answering these questions. It rapidly identifies and visualizes business tasks that are suitable for automation. You can scale up and accelerate your RPA adoption to reach a higher return of investment (ROI), lower TCO, and an enhanced customer experience. Doing so also offers unprecedented speed and ease-of-use. And the path to automation has never been more affordable.

What is Kryon Process Discovery?

The days of manually identifying processes to automate are officially over, thanks to Kryon. Kryon Process Discovery uses patented AI technology to automatically identify work processes, visually map the main path and variants of any given process, evaluate your suitability for automation, and instantly generate workflows for you. This empowers you to easily scale up and move forward with your RPA journey, save significant time and resources, and cut your RPA implementation time by up to 80%.

Kryon Process Discovery is built specially to help businesses identify their most promising opportunities to implement RPA. It was also designed with business users in particular in mind, so you don’t need to have any background in IT or development. This makes it a very comprehensive and useful tool for businesses across industries.

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