OnBase Tribal Government: OnBase Testimonial

In this testimonial, you will hear about the benefits of OnBase Tribal Government from a customer. Specifically, Lael Hall, the IT Director for the Ho-Chunk Nation, will speak from his own experience. The size of the Ho-Chunk Nation is now +7,000 tribal members all over Wisconsin. As a result, this meant that there was a significant amount of documents to process. Unfortunately, the nation had many painful manual document processes in place which slowed them down and caused many unnecessary problems. As a result, they decided to seek a new technology to help them automate document processes.

In Lael’s research, he discovered that another Wisconsin tribal nation, Oneida, had faced similar processing issues. However, they had improved their manual document processes by partnering with Naviant. Specifically they had worked with Naviant to implement OnBase, an enterprise content management solution. Business across tribal nations spreads by word of mouth, and this was certainly the case here. Oneida named Naviant as a reputable vendor and started Ho-Chunk’s journey to efficiency.

The Implementation Story

The Ho-Chunk Nation started their OnBase solution in their Fleet Management department because they only had a few employees whose duties spread nationwide. They were aiming to resolve a lot of the manual processes specifically keeping driver licenses records and insurance of eligible fleet users updated. Before OnBase, they had a whole drawer of paper. They had to make a copy of a driver’s license copy insurance cards and update them every six or eight months. With no alert system in place to know when driver licenses or insurance was going to be due, it was an agonizingly tedious process.

With so many other processes within the nation to run this out in, Lael is excited about how much time it will save employees. And, it’s only going to multiply as they continue to implement an enterprise content management solution, OnBase, throughout their nation.

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