OnBase automates AR processes and provides instant access to relevant data and documents. This minimizes costs while reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) and providing visibility into receivables and cash flow. Arranged into six categories, this workbook is carefully designed to encompass the ideal elements of an OnBase Accounts Receivable solution.


No matter where your documents – like purchase orders or proof of delivery and payment documents – are located or what format they come in, OnBase captures them right at the source. Additionally, OnBase organizes them – and the data they contain – into a single system with minimal human interaction.


Effectively manage data, documents, and process on one platform: OnBase. Additionally, you can automate repetitive process steps, get more out of your critical content and support knowledge-driven work with a complete view of information.


OnBase makes your critical AR content available to the people who need it, wherever they are, from almost any device or application. This enables your users to work the way they are most comfortable. In fact, they can work inside or outside the four walls of your organization- whatever they choose.


The information and processes managed by OnBase almost always relate directly to data, tasks, and activities within other systems. In fact, integrating OnBase with applications your AR staff use every day provides significant improvements in productivity.


What you can measure, you can improve. Additionally, OnBase provides tools that provide visibility into almost everything that is happening within the system.


Overall, storing your important information in one centralized place grants you complete control over it. Fortunately, with OnBase, your unique records management and retention requirements are now well within your grasp without adding significant or unnecessary expenses to the total cost of your solution. Ultimately, consolidating your content into one system eliminates the need to manage it across a variety of databases, systems and physical storage locations.


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