OnBase digitizes all employee files and provides HR staff with instant access to needed information. This minimizes costs while increasing the efficiency of HR professionals and improving their level of service to employees. Arranged into six categories, this workbook is carefully designed to encompass the ideal elements of an OnBase Human Resource solution.


OnBase can capture data from electronic forms or imported documents. Additionally, these documents can be automatically classified for automated data extraction and validation. You can then send the extracted data to other back-end systems and use it to automate the indexing of the documents in OnBase.


Even in your automated processes, there are steps that require you to gather and manage data. For instance, your HR staff must use discretion and make decisions to manage exceptions, cases and unpredictable processes that involve many tasks, people, documents, events, dates, etc. With tools like Workview | Case Manager, OnBase provides a platform for data-centric and case management applications. In doing so, this replaces antiquated departmental databases, shared spreadsheets and legacy systems.


Everyone who needs to access content and processes can easily do so from anywhere. For example, the user experience is personalized, integrated with core applications, available from mobile devices and extended to authorized users outside of your organization.


OnBase integrates with virtually any business application, meaning that your users can access content and interact with business processes directly from the familiar screens of critical HR applications. Additionally, there are multiple integration approaches and OnBase provides many options. We offer purpose-built integrations with several key applications, integration tools to integrate OnBase with ANY application and our API, which allows you to create your own integrations with OnBase.


What you can measure, you can improve. OnBase provides tools that provide visibility into almost everything that is happening within the system. Ensure compliance with internal and external standards; run historical reports from OnBase without relying on IT; gain real-time visibility into Workflow and immediate, actionable information about the status of critical processes.


An OnBase Human Resource solution consolidates your content into one system eliminates the need to manage it across a variety of databases, systems and physical storage locations.

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