Healthcare Organization Streamlines Provider Credentialing (RWHC)

The Challenge

For the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC), the number of documents on file for a practitioner can range from 10 to 50. And with a growing number of more than 30,000 practitioners within the system, staff grew overwhelmed maintaining and continuously updating practitioner records.

As a healthcare cooperative for 39 rural hospitals throughout Wisconsin,RWHC provides its members with a variety of resources to streamline internal processes. Developing new, innovative ways to attract and maintain its members keeps the co-op competitive with larger organizations. Implementing OnBase by Hyland was the strategic technology investment needed to make RWHC stand out from the competition.

The Solution

Working with Naviant, an authorized OnBase solution provider, RWHC uses OnBase to manage all practitioner documents and updates. All the documents are available to member hospitals through an online portal, providing each with realtime access to personnel files for its doctors, nurses and therapists.

Streamlines credential verification updates
Before implementing OnBase, verifying various updates for files was manually intensive. Staff members queried licensing and state boards to confirm each update, and then printed or emailed them to member hospitals.

Now, with the state providing this information online, staff electronically print it into OnBase, eliminating the need to physically print updates and scan them into OnBase. Each week, OnBase sweeps the system for any credential updates and sends an email notification to each hospital explaining what was updated for each provider.

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