Deliver Services Securely, to Everyone, Anywhere, on Any Device

Creating your customer digital journeys just got easier.

As an extensible, enterprise-grade platform, Jadu Central is all you need to manage your website and forms online.

With its accessible, low-code and simple-to-use interface, it’s not only easy for your team to control, but your endusers receive the seamless customer experience they expect.

Its integration and data capture capabilities mean you can focus more time on your customer’s journey and less time on the tools behind the scenes.

Millions of people use Jadu to receive important digital services every day.

Benefits to You

Save time, while staying inclusive with WCAG 2.1 AA fully accessible site templates and functionality for both your main site and subsites.

Remove site implementation costs, with multiple content types out-of-the-box.

No technical skills required, so you can quickly and easily build and manage complex online forms.

Improve efficiencies and processes by integrating with your CRM, back office and payment systems.

Reduce the worry of security risks with a secure and resilient platform, plus optional hosting.

Create accessible content, while using engaging functionality, robust workflows and governance controls.

GDPR compliant customer portal functionality via Jadu MyAccount, means you have one less headache.

Benefits to Your Customers

Remove frustration by delivering services digitally, so customers can contact you anywhere, at any time.

Better service delivery and communication, with one-stop access when used with Jadu Connect.

Customers decide how they receive your services via their preferred device, with built-in support for mobile.

No more searching for outcomes, they’re provided with instant updates on the progress of transactions via a secure MyAccount page.

Bespoke customer experience, with an engaging, feature-rich and personalised ‘MyAccount’ web experience.

Reduce time wading through irrelevant content, customers can quickly locate what they need.

Key Features

  • The Jadu Control Center: simplify content management, form management and site administration, and improve productivity, with an intuitive, search-led web interface.
  • Homepages: create feature-rich homepages and landing pages with reusable widgets that can surface information from within Jadu Central or from external data sources.
  • MyAccount: build customer-centric, account management pages using a tailored suite of widgets and targeted information based on demographic, and preference information.
  • Forms: create online forms to capture customer data ready for transfer to other systems for further storage and processing. Use branching rules to lead the customer along different journeys.
  • Website theme templates: take advantage of WCAG 2.1 AA standard templates with different levels of personalisation, or choose a new innovative custom design as part of your implementation.
  • Document Editor: manage web page content with a robust and configurable document editor, designed to allow you to focus on creating great, accessible content without the need for technical skills.
  • Downloads and Image Library: simplify download and image file management, with central, searchable libraries supporting over 220 file types.
  • Directories: present searchable repositories of structured data through Directories, with flexible content field types and built-in support for geolocation data displayed using Google Maps, OpenStreetMaps or ESRI ArcGIS Online.
  • Friendly URLs: benefit from semantic, human and machine-readable, search engine-friendly URLs for all content, supplemented with aliases or Friendly URLs for usability / publication in print media.
  • Reports: pre-configured reports are available to measure key performance indicators and support site governance activities. The reports interface is extensible – custom reports can be defined and added programmatically.
  • GDPR compliance: as it’s fully compliant, personal data is held securely, and can be deleted completely on request. Jadu Central provides options for gathering and recording consent.
  • Administrator management and publishing workflow: robust and configurable workflow controls can provide governance in-line with your business process, ensuring quality, accuracy and compliance are not compromised.
  • Administrator two-factor authentication: an extra layer of security against unauthorised account access, instructions and support for the use of Apple, Android, Windows phone and Windows PC devices are provided.
  • Translation workflow: provide location or language-specific information with a dedicated subsite. Automatically generated mappings between translated content ease a user’s journey between different languages.

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