Through continual enhancement in recent years, the Unity Client has become the featured client for OnBase. There are so many tools within the Unity Client that help you to quickly access content. But with these different tools comes a problem. Power users often need to navigate between different areas of the Unity Client to access the variety of information available to them. This is especially the case when attempting to compile data regarding a customer, vendor, policy, claim, employee, or whatever the focus of the research is.

Introducing OnBase Combined Viewer

We are proud to introduce the Combined Viewer available only within the Unity Client in OnBase 18 and beyond! The Combined Viewer allows a power user to consolidate a variety of views into a single interface. For example, custom queries, Workflow, WorkView, and Full-Text Search can be made available to a user within a streamlined view. This allows a user to easy organize and view all OnBase-stored content regarding the object of interest.

This is a new paradigm for visualizing, navigating and for personalizing large collections of documents, decisions, and data in one place and through one interface. Learn how you and your organization can improve the speed of critical business decisions by using the Combined Viewer. You’ll find all that and more in Naviant’s June webinar.

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