Is your plan review process a black hole?

What do we mean by black hole? Well, there is a possibility that your government ePlan review process may be a black hole of wasted staff time.

If this is the case, OnBase may just be your saving grace. OnBase eliminates paper and automates processes for more transparent and efficient reviews. Specifically, OnBase does this by transforming your plan review process with one solution for submission, process management, collaboration, version control and long-term storage. It centralizes all types of critical information and documents, connecting to other systems you need while considering plans and completing reviews.

In addition to leveraging existing information, OnBase Government ePlan Review combines an external portal for submission with an internal dashboard to manage staff assignment and deadlines and increase transparency. The solution also supports real-time collaboration on a single file, with markups and comments visible to all reviewers. Plan viewer tools compare and highlight changes, and the solution then automatically creates correspondence that brings together all review comments.

You may have many tool already at your disposal during the plan review process. But can you track the entire process of review at every stage? Do you have an end-to-end solution that offers your reviewers and submitters a seamless experience? And does that system allow you to consolidate each reviewer’s comments and mark-ups on a single copy to send back to the submitter? Is there a single authoritative file, as opposed to multiple copies stored in different locations? In this resource, we will go further into the capabilities and benefits of an OnBase Government ePlan solution.

An OnBase Government ePlan solution can:

  1. Centralize all content and plans
    Full and secure document management capabilities on a single platform that connects to all your solutions.
  2. Configurable automation without custom code
    Automation is easy to configure and expand and uses your review structure as a guide.
  3. Collaborate, share and store
    Supports collaboration on a single file and can consolidate all related documents in a single long-term storage location.

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