OnBase Admin’s Guide to Success

We will show you how you can improve your OnBase Administration life in this webinar recording.

Detect the Health of Your OnBase System

Do you know the key metrics that reflect a health OnBase solution? Let’s start here. We will show you how to obtain these baseline metrics from your OnBase system and detect whether your system is healthy or not.

Monitor Your OnBase Solution

Be in control. We will show you how to monitor your OnBase solution by setting watermarks, automated email notifications, and dashboard guides.

Improve Users’ Daily Work Performance

Who doesn’t like something new? We will demonstrate methods you can leverage in common OnBase functionality to improve your users’ daily work performance. We will show you several streamlined ways to bring those into OnBase while demonstrating how to fix documents that were brought into OnBase incorrectly without rescanning. Resolving to learn something new in 2018 is a great way to accomplish your OnBase System administration goals and improve your administration life in 2018.

Leverage OnBase Throughout Your Organization

We will show you many ways to better leverage your existing OnBase system, ideas to expand your OnBase solution and share ways to learn more about OnBase. Is OnBase leveraged throughout your organization? If not, resolve to expand OnBase to at least one new department in 2018; Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Human Resources are the most popular departments to expand a solution.

Digitize Physical Documents

Do you have a room dedicated to storing physical documents? Resolve to bring those paper documents into OnBase making them accessible not only to people within your office but to those in remote offices.

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