Does your organization need to share a variety of documents with third parties relating to a business transaction? While OnBase can save and e-mail individual documents with outside parties via e-mail, and other methods, all of these methods share each document natively as it exists in OnBase. This process isn’t always ideal, though. For example, when you need to share more than one or two documents, the recipient may become overwhelmed with the number of files received, often with little or no organization.

Most business processes collect documents related to a business transaction over time. But when you need to share several documents at once with an outside party, you want to share all the documents in an organized and presentable fashion. Document Packaging is an OnBase solution that allows you to create a single organized PDF, regardless of the source file type, to present to an outside party.

Whether there is a standard list of documents that need to be shared as part of the process, or a user must select the specific documents to share, Document Packaging has the flexibility to meet your needs. The document package generation can be invoked in several ways and even include a table of contents. This new PDF is stored in OnBase, and you can easily share it with outside parties as part of any business process.

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