OnBase ePlan Review

Automate your plan submission, review and approval process with OnBase Electronic Plan Review. With OnBase, you speed up reviews and make it easy for reviewers to collaborate using a single, central file for markups and comments. Behind the scenes, OnBase easily configures to your process and integrates with existing permitting and GIS solutions without expensive and difficult-to-change custom code. OnBase ePlan Review provides transparency across the board, from staff and executives to submitters.

OnBase ePlan Review:

  1. Submit plans electronically
  2. Pull data from your permitting and GIS applications
  3. Route for review
  4. Review, comment, markup and collaborate in real time
  5. Notify submitter of required changes and status
  6. Compare revisions and track changes
    • If necessary, resubmit and restart at #2.
  7. Approve Plans

Your Process without the Paper

OnBase helps you go paperless from the start by leveraging permitting system data, providing a plan submission portal and connecting to a plan review workflow that manages review assignment, notifications, and deadlines.

Support Review, Comparison, and Collaboration

Because OnBase has a true central repository, there is no need to use local copies and manually aggregate comments and markups. OnBase supports simultaneous access and markup capability, as well as the ability to refresh as needed to see the most current feedback from all reviewers, improving collaboration.

Support Transparency and Process Improvement

OnBase ePlan Review provides a project dashboard for review coordinators to instantly see the status of reviews, staff assignments and deadlines. The submission portal refreshes with status updates as reviews are routed for submitters, who can also be notified by email.

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