Do any of your business processes require documents to be bundled and sent to an external party for signature?

If so, you’re aware of the underlying problems with doing so.

  • Cost of printing and shipping
  • Delay of waiting for shipping – in both directions
  • You don’t know the precise location of a package at any given time

Or maybe you’re a little more advanced and use a third-party signature solution that uses email to deliver documents. But, even with this method, you lose the ability to know where the document is in the signing process.

There is a more efficient way!

OnBase has developed an integration with DocuSign, a leader in electronic signature solutions. This integration allows you to take any document in your OnBase system and send it to anyone with an email address for an electronic signature.

Wait a minute, didn’t you say email wasn’t the most efficient way to get a signature?

Yes, but with OnBase DocuSign, you gain complete visibility of the signature status. This integration can be used on a document by document basis or used automatically as part of any OnBase Workflow process.

This 30-minute video explores how the Integration for DocuSign eSignature can streamline your document signing processes.

We will explore the benefits of using DocuSign and demonstrate different use cases for how you can use it within OnBase. Plus, review other complementary technologies your organization may consider to automate the signing process further.

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