Do you need to share critical data with your boss?

How do you identify what you processed for the day, week, month, or year?

OnBase Reporting Dashboards is the perfect tool to improve your business intelligence. It can measure just about anything in OnBase you need to monitor, report on, or share with other people internal to or outside your organization. Configuration is easy with the WYSIWYG interface. You can even report on data contained in an external database that you may be using another application, such as Crystal Reports, to mine today. OnBase provides you with a single point to create, view, and share critical metrics data contained both in OnBase and in other software solutions.

We will demonstrate how to create a new dashboard and highlight the 50+ Naviant created reporting dashboards that provide critical OnBase processing and configuration information. By the end of this information-packed webinar, you’ll only want to use one reporting tool in the future: OnBase Reporting Dashboards!

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