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OnBase Tribal Scalability is a critical issue in many tribes. Fortunately, OnBase supports strong and effective tribal government. In fact, organizations are increasingly implementing tribal government software for document management to handle the documents and processes needed to deliver services and improve their communities. OnBase helps you to accelerate processes, which means that you can allocate your precious time to other high value tasks. It also helps you to deliver services in a cost-effective way.

OnBase Tribal Scalability: Additional OnBase Features

Additionally, it effectively preserves the critical records of tribal membership, history, infrastructure projects, and more. The process is made easy, too, as OnBase is able to work with your preexisting programs. OnBase simply links your documents to your other programs by connecting existing departmental systems and databases to a central enterprise content management (ECM) document repository. For instance, such programs could include enterprise resources management, asset management solutions, law enforcement incident report management systems, and more. As a result of this process, you are able to extend the value of these existing tribal government software investments.

These perks can apply across your organization, too. For instance, here are some areas that assist OnBase tribal scalability:

  • Operations: Specifically, OnBase can assist with departments like finance and purchasing, HR and employment, and grant and contract management. Insurance departments as well as internal audit, information technology (IT), and police and emergency services can also benefit.
  • Government: For example, tribal council, business committee, judicial system, agenda and records management, and forms and applications can apply.
  • Enterprises: OnBase can help enterprise departments like land management, gaming and casino management, economic development, and museum and tourism.
  • Education and Labor: Finally, school system, higher education, educational grants, workforce development, employee health, and elder programs all benefit.

Check out this resource for a helpful visual breakdown of all that OnBase’s benefits can extend to. Tribal scalability is an important consideration, and OnBase can help.

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