Colleen Alber from Hyland will be sharing the latest OnBase updates like the move to Foundation, the last couple of enhancement packs (EP), and what’s on the horizon for EP3 and beyond. This webinar will help you to get inspired and discover how you can evolve your business operations with OnBase’s latest tools.

If you want a sneak peek into what this informational webinar will detail, read on.

If you aren’t already well acquainted with OnBase Foundation’s advantages, let’s dig in. The latest update of Foundation, EP2, is available both cloud and on-premises. You can distinguish this brand new version as the most enduring version, the most secure version, and the most stable version. What does that mean? By enduring, we mean Foundation’s latest version has the most frequent updates and it’s expected to be long-lasting or continuing. It was designed with a special focus on the upgrade experience. And of course, the latest version of Foundation allows you to rest easy with its cutting-edge security. It has the latest security patches and updates, it is constantly being tested for vulnerability, and it has the most frequent security-related updates. And by stable, we mean this new version of Foundation includes all available fixes to date. Foundation EP2 is equipped with more fixes than EP1, which is a valuable feature for your organization. There’s also an increase in automated testing, making it less likely to fail. To get the full scoop, click the video link and dive right in.


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