OnBase: Using What You Have

43 Ways to Leverage OnBase’s Low-Code Applications Across Your Enterprise

Over the past three decades, the term “digital transformation” has referred to various phases of an organization’s technology revolution. Today, many organizations realize that a digital transformation involves more than simply going paperless and information capture and management. Hyland customers, for one, should know that the key to enhancing productivity gains and the customer experience is embracing a modern content services strategy altogether.

Let us break down the reason why leveraging a content services strategy with low-code application development is the next big step in your digital transformation journey.

You have already been using Hyland’s enterprise information platform, OnBase, but you may not be aware of the vast array of abilities OnBase offers. Your OnBase solution, as it exists right now, can be transformed quickly and affordably into endless types of business applications that can address a range of needs across your enterprise.

One Low-Code Platform with a Spectrum of Applications

The OnBase solution you’re already using is well-equipped and ready to expand to every department of your enterprise. Because it’s a low-code platform, you can rapidly build solutions on it. There’s no need to spend time and money buying separate solutions or using inefficient workarounds.

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