Oneida Nation Tribal Government – Video Testimonial

Discovering the Need for a Change

A lot of the same concerns and issues of any government apply to a Tribal Government. Their particular need for Land Management, Gaming/Casino, Cultural Heritage, Tribal Historic Preservation, among other departments make their challenges unique.

The Oneida Nation of Wisconsin has over 2,800 employees in 58 locations. All were working in a manual paper-based environment. Consequently, business processes were difficult, expensive, and labor-intensive to manage all the paper.

For this reason, the need for a better document management solution was clear. An electronic document management solution that could work within all departments was necessary. Also, the capability to easily store and retrieve documents was an essential requirement for expanding this solution across the Tribe.

Implementing a Tribal Document Management Solution with Naviant

The OnBase document management solution has transformed the way the Oneida Nation does business. As a result, they are experiencing the following benefits:

  • Accelerated processes
  • Deliver services in a cost-effective way
  • Enhanced support compliance requirements for programs and funding
  • Link documents by connecting existing departmental systems and databases
  • Have one central location for information and documents
  • Retrieve an electronic copy of a document with one click
  • Access a virtual file instantly
  • Preserve vital records of tribal membership and cultural heritage document

In this video, Jim Wildenberg, IT Director, shares his experience. He speaks to the advantages a single document management solution has had on the Oneida Nation. Jim estimates Oneida Nation has saved $1.7 million each year in retrievals and re-filing costs. As well as, $60k annually in paper storage.

OnBase is a scalable document management solution that can start off small, and be added to other departments as your tribal document management needs grow. For the Oneida Nation, OnBase is used throughout the entire nation to help them do more with less.

Currently, the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin has implemented OnBase in the following business areas:

Tribal Operations

  1. Accounting/Accounts Payable
  2. Gaming/Casino (Security/Surveillance/Incidence Reporting/Gaming Backgrounds)
  3. Grants Management
  4. Records Management & Retention
  5. Land Management, Land Records & Commissions
  6. Human Resources (Time & Attendance)
  7. Case Management for Zoning Department
  8. Judicial System
  9. Transit
  10. Tribal Preservation (Cultural Heritage/Tribal Historic Preservation)
  11. Agenda Management
  12. Business Committee
  13. Licensing
  14. Economic Support

 Health Services

  1. Integration with GE Centricity for Medical Records
  2. Healthcare Medical Records FOS Software
  3. Behavioral Health
  4. Employee Health
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Optical Division
  7. Nursing Home

Higher Education

OnBase Functionality Added

  1. E-forms & Electronic Signatures
  2. Report Services
  3. Integration with Microsoft Outlook

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