OnBase Mackinac

Reduce days outstanding through improved communication and faster processes with OnBase Mackinac.

Sharing medical documentation by fax, mail, overnight delivery, courier services or even web portals is expensive. But more than that, these methods are slow, offer little-to-no room for collaboration and don’t guarantee information arrives securely, and as intended. The processing delays that result create a number of other challenges, from higher numbers of days outstanding and appealing claims that failed to execute within mandated timeframes, to inaccurate payments and a less-than-ideal approach to coordination of care.

OnBase Mackinac securely exchanges information electronically, guarantees delivery and facilitates collaboration to help providers reduce costs and collection delays through increased transparency and more accurate, faster processes.

OnBase Mackinac Highlights

Guarantees information delivery/receipt to speed claims processing

Unlike current document sharing models, OnBase Mackinac guarantees information delivery and receipt. Utilizing your existing secure infrastructure and services, this workflow and business process management (BPM) solution electronically routes the information to the right person at the speed of the internet. This in turn allows providers to share data and documents in seconds, not days. It also eliminates lost or misplaced information, redirecting staff from re-sending materials to focusing on higher-value tasks.

Reduces costs and number of billing days

Expediting the exchange of medical documentation speeds claims payment processes. Faster processing lends itself to faster resolution, resulting in quicker collection and directly contributing to improved collections. With OnBase Mackinac, providers also eliminate the high costs of communicating through fax, postal mail, couriers, overnight delivery and web portals, instead splitting a per-transaction fee evenly between sender and receiver.

Increases accuracy and transparency

By ensuring authorized users have immediate access to accurate, up-to-date data and documents OnBase Mackinac facilitates improved communication with stakeholders. Additionally, the solution’s unprecedented collaboration tools allow authorized users across organizations to add dated, time-stamped notes and comments. Finally, these are all visible through near real-time status updates and a full audit trail for process transparency.

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