Scan-on-Demand Scanning Services

Naviant’s Scan-On-Demand services provide customers the cost-saving benefits of offsite storage, along with immediate secure access.

With Scan-On-Demand, customers store their records offsite at Naviant’s state-of-the-art Records Management Facility, and as needed Naviant scans the record and provides secure electronic access to the customer in a response time designed to meet their needs. Simply pay as you go, and begin building a document imaging archive over time, without having to scan entire volumes of information all at once.

Scan-On-Demand Records Storage and Electronic Document Delivery

Naviant’s Scan On Demand provides customers instant secure access to offsite files. For many businesses, Naviant’s Scan On Demand provides a cost-effective way to build an electronic document inventory over time, without having to pay for scanning large quantities of records at one time. Scan On Demand can be a nice alternative to physical file delivery, and works well for companies with multiple locations that have employees who needs access to the same information at the same time.

How Scan On Demand Works?

Upon request by authorized personnel, Naviant scans, indexes, and distributes the requested documents to the customer via Naviant’s secure web-based portal. Naviant utilizes a sophisticated bar-coded tracking and logical location system, and the latest bar-coded scanning equipment to ensure customer requests are met on demand, and that a detailed history of each box, file, tape, or document is available. Simply pay as you go, and begin building a document imaging archive over time, without having to scan entire volumes of information all at once.

Benefits of Scan On Demand and Electronic Document Delivery

  • Reduced storage costs by only paying to convert documents you need
  • Free up valuable office space
  • Secure storage and tracking of your records by trained specialists
  • Up-to-date inventory of all records for fast retrieval time
  • Fast secure delivery in the format of your choice (we can work with all document management systems)

Medical Records Scan On Demand

Naviant has developed a tremendous track record helping many healthcare organizations turn some of their in-house Records Storage areas into valuable revenue-generating square-footageby taking advantage of Naviant’s Scan-On-Demand Services. Because we offer Scan-On-Demand Delivery, Naviant can handle both Emergency Pulls, as well as Appointment Planned Pulls, and Active and Inactive Records, any time of day or night, 365 days a year. Our healthcare clients have peace of mind, knowing their Medical Records will be securely stored at our facility and are available 24/7 in as little as one hour of the request.

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