Does your organization share content from your OnBase system with external parties? While sharing documents with others via e-mail can accomplish the task, e-mail is not fully secure, and depending upon how many documents you’re sharing, mail servers may restrict delivery of messages with large attachments. Ultimately, this causes problems as those expecting documents may never receive them. And once those documents are in their possession, the external party can do anything they want with those documents, putting your organization’s data at risk.

ShareBase is an Enterprise File Sync and Share system developed and hosted by Hyland Software. It allows your organization to securely share files with customers, business partners, and other 3rd parties without any limitations to the size or number of files to be shared. Better yet, ShareBase can be integrated with your OnBase system, providing the ability to bi-directionally share content as part of configured workflow processes. Not only can you send OnBase-stored content to others, but this integration also allows others to upload documents to ShareBase which are automatically imported into OnBase and linked to content processing through workflow.

Access this Solution Spotlight to learn more about the integration between OnBase and ShareBase and identify how it can help your organization to securely and efficiently open collaboration with others.

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