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Explore how OnBase is implemented through the Connected Healthcare in Accounts Payable, Appeals and Grievances, Claims, Claims Review, Compliance and Auditing, Contract Management, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Mailroom, Member Enrollment, Provider Contracts and Credentialing, and Utilization Management.

Accounts Payable

Streamline invoice approvals by integrating OnBase with your accounting solution. You can also automate capture, improve information access and enhance processes to eliminate late payment penalties and missing documents.

Appeals and Grievances

Accurate triage, manage, and document every appeal and grievance. Additionally, you can connect to core admin platforms, track status and deadlines, generate letters and view real-time dashboards to ensure audit-friendly, compliant processes.


Connected Healthcare allows you to streamline your processes by securely capturing data from paper CMS 1500’s and UB04’s and avoid manual data entry. You can also output data directly into an 837 EDI file and store images directly in your image repository. Finally, you can also expedite suspended claims processing and auditing with automated workflows.

Claims Review

Through Connected Healthcare, you can request medical documentation from providers through OnBase workflows. Payers issue a digital request to providers, providers attach the necessary records and return the data and documents electronically. Additionally, the secure electronic collaboration eliminates sharing via fax, postal mail, and portals.

Contract Management

Quickly create and securely manage vendor, member and legal contracts with Connected Healthcare. Additionally, you can automate tasks, create key contracts and documents using pre-approved templates and accelerate reviews and approvals with automatic notifications to better support vendor relations.

Human Resources

Decrease the effort and expense of storing and retrieving employee files and increase security and compliance while elevating your service levels. Electronic forms eliminate the need for paper-based, HR-related documentation from recruitment through onboarding to off-boarding. Finally, you can integrate OnBase with your organization’s human resources information system (HRIS) to retrieve employee documents and data from within the familiar HRIS interfaces.

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