Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has enjoyed a significant increase in demand over the past several years. It’s estimated that RPA has grown four-fold in the past three years alone, but many organizations still have difficulty in scaling up their RPA practices. A recent Forrester study discovered that merely 52% of firms that use RPA have grown their digital workforce to over ten bots.  These firms face similar obstacles, one among them being the challenge of discovering and implementing repetitive, rules-based processes that bot workers can most efficiently assist with. A big reason that this obstacle is so difficult for firms is that the original approach to process identification is long, grueling, and often involves multiple interview and observation sessions with end users. These sessions are vital because they help organizations discover and map out the processes that need automation so a bot can ultimately take over, but they can be intimidating.

Kryon wanted to change this reality, so they provide RPA accompanied by a Process Discovery module which is strategically designed to streamline this tedious process. It deploys Discovery Robots on user desktops to collect data on how an organization’s users complete daily processes, step by step. This data is then analyzed to determine the best options for automation so that the organization can reach its full efficiency potential. Kryon developed many other tools to streamline the RPA development and implementation process which offer many benefits of their own.

To better understand all the benefits, costs, and risks involved with the investment in Kryon RPA solutions, Forrester interviewed two customers which both had several years’ experience using Kryon’s RPA solutions but represented two different industries and company sizes. Learn in greater depth about the full-cycle automation customer journey, key benefits and drivers for RPA adoption, and more in this study.

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