Tribal Governments have been under pressure to do more with less, and deliver services faster and at a reduced cost to their tribal members. There has never been enough money to go around and provide for all of the needs of the tribe… until now.

By automating Accounts Payable (AP), tribal governments across the nation have saved significant money and were able to re-distribute that savings back into programs and services for their community. Another natural benefit of AP automation is easier enforcement of compliance for your policies and procedures and the ability to identify issues earlier, with managers having a simple dashboard report that shows the status of every step of invoice processing.

Why Automate AP with OnBase?

The costs of processing just one paper invoice averages somewhere around $8 – $10. Between the copying, paper shuffling between departments for approvals, and low visibility into processes, it’s no wonder the AP process is that expensive. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the most efficient AP departments process invoices electronically for less than $2 per invoice. Our extensive experience within Tribal AP departments has demonstrated immediate results, including some tribes experiencing as much as 80 percent reductions in processing times and 70 percent lower processing costs! This means you can put money back into your community faster and help drive economic activity by paying the tribal-owned businesses that you contract with for services sooner.

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