Casino Security is a major department of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin that has used automation to its advantage. Specifically, the department has been able to use OnBase document management and workflow. Additionally, this solution has been particularly helpful because it has helped them eliminate their previous manual distribution process.

This previous process had been in place for their daily Incident Reports (medicals, thefts, damage, bans, suspicious activity reports, etc.). However, this process had proved to be a very time-consuming effort involving four other entities, so they implemented OnBase. One key way that Oneida uses ECM is to manage important records. For example, these records can range from background checks for casino employees to Players Club to managing the slot machines. Additionally, they use ECM to drive down the costs and time needed to survive a highly regulated activity. Watch this insightful video to learn all the benefits OnBase has brought Casino Security and precisely how it has been utilized.

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