What is the Unity Client Scheduler?

Do you want more transparency with your organization’s OnBase scheduled tasks? Look no further, the Unity Scheduler is ready to seamlessly automate your scheduled processing. A single point of administration for your automated tasks running on pre-configured schedules will save you time and money.

During this video, you will learn how to set up a custom schedule, execute windows task group, and task.

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    This isn’t a Facebook question, but rather a centralized common scheduling platform. Specifically, it’s a platform that shares common scheduling components such as execution windows, schedules, and services.
  • Have you ever wished the contents of a reporting dashboard would automatically export in a Microsoft Excel format?
    The Unity Client Scheduler offers something never offered by Hyland, a method for scheduling Report Dashboard exports, including your wish come true, Excel format.

How it Works

These reporting dashboard exports can be saved to a network storage location or as an OnBase document type for easy retrieval or put them in a workflow for easy email distribution. We will show you how to set up this type of process in addition to some amazing reporting. There are built-in reports detailing the configuration of all your scheduled process. Additionally, they come with an execution History report showing you everything you want to know about your scheduled processing.

Let’s not forget workflow; we will show you how to convert your existing timers to the unity scheduler timers so you can centrally manage your scheduled processes. You will also see how to run a unity script process on a schedule in the unity scheduler. See all the amazing features of the Unity Client Scheduler first hand so you too can implement an efficient and easy to manage scheduled processes. The Unity scheduler will be required in OnBase 18 so see all the capabilities today!

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