Using Imaging and e-Document Technology to Improve the Order-to-Cash Process

Imaging solutions first entered the receivables sphere primarily focused on document capture. Replacing paper files with electronic files generated benefits centered on retention and easy access. As the use of imaging to support the order-to-cash process has matured, the distribution of e-documents has gained momentum. Today, a highly integral aspect of receivables document management is the associated workflow, which allows users to route documents for specific business purposes. Likewise, collaboration allows internal and external partners to view existing documents, upload additional items, and register approvals.

Given the strong interest in imaging and automated document management solutions, PayStream has developed the Technology Insight Series report titled Receivables Document Management: Using Imaging and e-Document Technology to Improve the Order-to-Cash Process.

The Technology Insight Series report spotlights document capture and distribution and is designed for credit and collections, receivables, accounting, finance, treasury, shared service and IT managers who are interested in:

  • Exploring document management solutions for the reduction of paper-based processes across the order-to-cash process
  • Understanding the business case for expanded use of imaging and e-documents to improve receivables management
  • Taking the next step toward receivables document management adoption

The report is designed for those organizations that have an active interest in document imaging and management solutions, but need help identifying appropriate strategies, vendors and solutions. This Technology Insight Series report describes the different imaging and document management choices and their benefits, profiles the leading vendors, and offers suggestions for technology selection.

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