Organizations are increasingly turning to enterprise content management (ECM) software to handle the documents and processes needed to deliver services and improve their communities. ECM software is helping casinos manage documents, automate processes, and provide better services to their customers. With ECM, you can accelerate processes, deliver services in a cost-effective way, and enhance and support compliance requirements for programs and funding. Content managed by ECM includes paper and scanned documents, electronic forms, emails, photos, videos, data streams, or even screenshots.

ECM can link documents to your other programs by connecting existing departmental systems and databases – such as enterprise resource management, casino management systems, accounts payable solutions, human resources systems, law enforcement incident report management systems, and more – to a central ECM document repository, extending the value of these existing software investments. Instead of working back and forth between various systems and paper files, employees retrieve an electronic copy of a document with one click, accessing a virtual file instantly.

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