Business Process Automation and Workflow Consulting for ECM Document Management

Naviant provides business process management and workflow consulting focused on critical business process and document flow challenges related to enterprise content management (ECM) and document management. Our experience has evolved a prioritization strategy that first identifies and addresses processes with large potential cost savings that could benefit from business process management (BPM) workflow technology to maximize their return on investment. Through meetings and discussions within focused areas of an organization and reviews of current documented processes, Naviant will identify solutions that automate business and address day-to-day needs with high ROI potential.

Our Approach to Business Processes Improvement Through Automation

Business process drives everything our clients set out to do. By concentrating first on processes and how people engage in those processes, and later, on the technology to help make the organization more efficient, Naviant focuses on designing the most efficient way to accomplish your goals while leveraging your existing investment in technology and infrastructure. Naviant utilizes a consultative and diagnostic approach to review current organizational processes, technologies, and systems, and then to make validations and recommendations. Our approach follows an iterative methodology, which allows for improved and accurate requirements definition while adhering to project direction and deadlines through an open dialogue of communication between our clients and consultants. We believe in implementing as quickly as our clients see value and helping our clients inherit a discipline of Continuous Process Improvement to further optimize their processes. Are you wondering about what Business Process and Workflow Automation is and how can it help your business grow? Check out our Workflow Automation Overview here.

Areas of Departmental Expertise

Naviant provides business process and workflow consulting focused on critical business process and document flow challenges within the following key department areas:

Industry Expertise

Naviant BPM and workflow consultants have specialized expertise in the following industries:

Integration Frameworks

Our deep expertise and knowledge in improving business processes with OnBase ECM and workflow has allowed us to develop extensive Integration Frameworks that provide certified integrations between OnBase document management platform, and ERP and EMR systems. These extensive development foundations streamline implementation services and provide replicable process advantages, and have been proven to provide major process improvements, rapid ROI, and significant cost reductions including ROIs of less than one year and estimated first-year savings of $1.5 million.

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