Food & Beverage Industry Document Management ECM Solutions

Organizations in the Food and Beverage industry need visibility into many strategic areas, including AP, AR, and quality as they balance supply and demand amidst some of the most stringent regulations in the manufacturing industry. The transactional processes that drive those functional areas are engulfed in documents.

Paper and electronic invoices, receipts, bills of lading, purchase orders, and packing slips impede process efficiency, despite the automation that enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems provide.

Suppose you could significantly increase cash flow and improve customer service within nine months or less by reducing your reliance on paper-based processes?

Naviant works with the Food & Beverage industry to help them achieve ‘same year’ ROI on business process-focused initiatives within paper-intensive areas. We understand the challenges of your industry, and know how to leverage process and technology to implement successful Document Management Strategies within these key areas:

Accounts Payable (AP)

Automate accounts payable and reduce invoice processing costs by 60% within 9 months and maximize working capital by imaging and centralizing paper-based invoices and supporting documents, and implementing rules-based Workflow to streamline routing approval, 3-way matching, and payment processes.

Accounts Receivable (AR)

Automate accounts receivable and improve DSO and accelerate cash flow cycles by imaging and centralizing all supporting documents, and making them available through ERP screens. Also provide visibility to the volume and status, with new-found ability to provide immediate workload balancing.

Quality Assurance (QA)

Reduce Out-of-Spec Product costs by receiving electronic employee acknowledgments to ensure an employee has read the latest procedural change. Also, provide an audit trail of who accessed what manuals when so that you may provide visibility and accountability.

Vendor Contract Management

Improve customer service by imaging and centralizing vendor contracts and making them easily accessible with OnBase Vendor Contract Management solutions. Contracts with varied negotiable terms that change based on external factors can easily be managed through simple workflow process.