How Automation Transforms Federal Government Agencies

Transform the way you do business and better serve your constituents with federal government software. Both of these goals are possible with electronic document management solutions. This scalable technology lets you store all your content in a single secure digital platform and automate your processes. And it’s making a difference in federal government agencies nationwide, empowering them to solve the biggest challenges in the public sector today so they can thrive now and in the future.

Start simple

Starting out, you will focus on digitizing all your content. Electronic document management solutions can capture physical and electronic content that can be imported through various sources. It then can automatically classify your content and validate data using automated extraction.  

Once your content is digital, you’ll be able to automate processes and manage and access case data, records, emails, videos, and more when you need it. Plus, you’ll be able to route content to decision-makers for review and approval, and your constituents will enjoy faster, higher-quality service.

Application Modernization

Many of the agencies we work with pursue application modernization projects, which has given our team extensive experience in consolidating various legacy platforms and repositories and establishing new data storage methods with customized solutions.

Reliable Data Conversion

Searching through your legacy content for a specific document can be challenging, especially if you’re not sure where it might be located or face data silos. That’s where data conversion can help. We offer customized, transparent data conversion services that streamline the process, whether you’re: 

  • Moving Content from an Outdated System into a Cloud-Based Platform 
  • Consolidating Digital Content Woven Throughout Your Environment 
  • Transferring Data to a New Database 

We specialize in discovering and deciphering data to understand precisely how it’s used. This way, we can determine the data conversion process that offers the highest level of data integrity for your unique situation.  

Our top priorities in our data conversion services are enabling user adoption, avoiding business disruptions, and keeping your system stable and secure with our top security-level clearances. And we have extensive experience converting a wide variety of platforms, so you can rest assured that we’re prepared to handle your conversion, no matter what you’re working with. Of the hundreds of systems we’ve converted from, some of the most common include: 

  • Application Xtender 
  • FileNet 
  • Lotus Notes 
  • McKesson 
  • OnBase 
  • Oracle I/PM 
  • SIRE

Integrate with Your Current Technologies

Your existing key systems are already working for you. Integrating them with your new document management system further enhances that value. At Naviant, our team of experts perform advanced IT systems integration for our clients and are experienced with solving complex system compatibility challenges. No matter how many IT systems you have, our team can get them to communicate with each other by synchronizing your information across your various business platforms, constituents, and internal users. We’ve successfully integrated for US Federal, State, and Local government agencies, as well as other organizations across industries, both in the cloud and on-premises. 

In addition to integrating with legacy platforms, our document management solutions have over 500+ existing application integrations available. Some of the most common integrations agencies pursue include: 

  • Microsoft Office  
  • Digital Signatures (DocuSign, AdobeSign) 
  • CRMs (SalesForce) 
  • ERP & LOB platforms (SAP, Workday, PeopleSoft, Oracle, and JD Edwards) 

This way, you get instant access to the information you need without switching between systems.

Rapid Application Development Platform

Electronic document management solutions also let you take advantage of low-code applications for case management, records retention, integration, and workflow automation in a single consolidated platform. These solutions offer point-and-click apps, so you won’t have to procure and support niche vendor solutions anymore.  

Plus, low code is a massive time saver. For example, a standard case management build can take only a few days. It’ll also eradicate your data silos and significantly minimize your need for custom coding, which saves you the time you would’ve otherwise spent troubleshooting scripts and code. And finally, you’ll spend less time administrating, maintaining, and upgrading applications since electronic document management solutions let you consolidate multiple systems into one.


As more agencies pursue remote and hybrid work models, migrating to the cloud is becoming increasingly widespread. Government cloud solutions use encryption both at rest and in-transit. This way, your agency can control and ensure the security of your data from any location worldwide, on any device.  

When you move to the cloud/SaaS, you can expect to enjoy: 

  • Rapid deployment, without any need for installation, hardware, maintenance, or training. 
  • Extensive disaster recovery, since the cloud brings redundancy, data loss avoidance, and prevention. 
  • Strong security, with the cloud offers uncompromised data 24/7/365 whether it’s in use, at rest, or in-transit. 
  • Save money on maintenance, since you won’t need to extensively monitor or manually upgrade software, update applications, or back up data.  
  • Enjoy high platform scalability. 
  • High compliance standards, including SOC2, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR. 
  • Gain real-time information without security concerns or limitations based on your location. This also enables better decision-making. 

You Are in Good Hands

We are a GSA Authorized Dealer, GSA Contract Number: GS-35F-249DA.

A document management solution will allow you to manage your full document lifecycle, supporting any file format, including audio and video. It all comes together with capabilities like electronic capture, secure centralized management, and instant access to content whenever you need it, wherever you are. You can also use it to automate tasks, route documents, and manage exceptions using workflows, approvals, and electronic forms. Plus, it offers benefits like: 


  • Your data is digital and easily accessible by those with permission to view it. 
  • Integrate solutions with Microsoft Office, ESRI GIS, Digital Signatures, CRM and ERP platforms, and more. 
  • You can avoid manual keying and data duplication. 
  • Boost your compliance with comprehensive audit trails. 
  • You won’t have to worry about your paper documents getting lost or destroyed. 
  • Get visibility into your processes and bottlenecks with reporting dashboards. 

Our Go-To Tools 

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With case management, you can manage data, deadlines, activities, tasks, and correspondence tracking, all in a single platform. And it’s simple, thanks to the low-code capabilities of this rapid application development platforms. This user-friendly interface lets you customize your dashboard views by user and automatically routes cases to the appropriate team members. You can say goodbye to SharePoint, Excel, and Access databases for your case event management, officially.  

Popular case solutions include: 

  • Intelligence or Investigations  
  • Incident Case Management 
  • Intake or Application Processing 
  • FOIA or Public Records Request Management 
  • Contract Management 

You’ll also unlock benefits like: 


  • Get a 360-degree view of your entire case, so you can easily manage security, roles, tasks, and timelines. 
  • It’s a highly scalable platform, as you can deploy it on-premises or in the Cloud or SaaS. 
  • It offers third-party integrations to keep your experience moving seamlessly. 
  • Ensure compliance with automatic built-in workflow resolution. 

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Records management helps you meet legal retention requirements by electronically storing, protecting, managing, and destroying records from creation to final disposition. As a result, you can ensure policy compliance. This solution also helps you meet legal requirements by preserving records for pending litigation and making it easy for you to track physical or digital records and locate documents when you need it.  

When it comes to FOIA or public record requests, you can use dashboards to manage requests and take advantage of automated tracking, routing, and notifications along the way. It also ensures secure, redacted, electronic package delivery. 

This solution meets complex compliance standards with the following security requirements:  

  • NARA 
  • DoD 5015.20 
  • Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) 
  • Common Access Card (CaC/PIV)  
  • Authority to Operate (ATO) 
  • DoD NIST-certified solutions meet Federal Directives for transitioning to electronic records for OMB/NARA M-19-21 

Records management also provides benefits like: 


  • You can ensure record security since this solution protects records from unauthorized access. 
  • It’s highly scalable, so you can implement it on-premises or in the Cloud or SaaS. 
  • Ensure that retention schedules and file plans are enforced. 
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems easily to maintain a seamless experience. 
  • You can find records easily since they’re trackable and preserved in a single system. 

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Workflow lets you automate repetitive, rule-based tasks, like routing electronic forms and supporting documentation and managing exceptions. You can also rely on workflow technology to manage complex approval processes, send notifications when needed, and ensure compliance. Plus, you can use pre-built workflow templates that are specific to your agency and department to accelerate your manual daily tasks.  

With all these capabilities, workflow technology has many use cases across the organization, like: 

Finance and Accounting 

  • Workflow technology can route invoices for approval based on pre-defined rules and send notifications to the appropriate people every step of the way. 
  • Using OCR, you can automatically capture data and eliminate manual data entry, reducing mistakes and accelerating your processing time.  
  • Save time and redirect it to valuable activities like optimizing your processes further.  

Human Resources 

  • Simplify the onboarding process by tracking the steps that have been completed. 
  • Automate background checks. 
  • Automate your employee review system with reminders and templates.  
  • Send documents to employees securely and ensure compliance using systematic tracking. 
  • Unlock time to focus on forming valuable connections with your employees and enhancing their experience. 


  • When you use a contract management system to track compliance, identify expiring contracts, and avoid fines, you can use workflow to route documents for electronic review, signature, and distribute to interested parties securely. 
  • Avoid losing or overwriting changes to documents, since you can redline, track modifications, and versions within a shared location.  
  • Save time since you won’t have to track down who’s working on what  

Facilities & Operations 

  • Reduce your reliance on siloed apps, spreadsheets, and paper documents. 
  • Use electronic forms to log inspections and upload relevant photos while you’re at the job site. 
  • Route documents for approval and use checklists to ensure requirements are met. 
  • Upload plans and ensure records are complete.  
  • Integrate with GIS software and access electronic documents from a map interface.  
  • Log all assets, track their depreciation, and costs. 

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