Transportation Industry Document Management ECM Solutions

Naviant has great experience with organizations in the transportation industry, and the impact of OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solutions in this type of business are tremendous. It becomes a part of your daily operations, and the return on investment seen through enforced policies, process efficiency, increased security, and readily available information, should encourage you to look closely at what an OnBase solution from Naviant can provide, such as:

  • The opportunity to scale your solution across corporate and branch locations while managing information in a central repository
  • Promotion of faster inter-departmental processing, allowing staff to make quicker, more informed decisions
  • The ability to provide users with mobile access to information on their phones and tablets, allowing them to work on projects no matter the time or the user’s location

OnBase enables transportation companies to meet the needs of each department, including Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, and Legal, all with one easily supported application, letting your organization start with a single department or solution and expand as time, goals and budget permit.