AP Automation for Workday

Decrease Manual Processing Labor While Increasing AP Visibility

With Workday managing your key data and AP transactions and Hyland streamlining the capture and secure management of critical related content, your users will benefit from a complete view of their information with less manual effort. As a result, your AP department will be able to accelerate your invoice approval and posting process. as well.

How it Works

Hyland’s AP automation solution captures your invoices at their original source, regardless of how you received them. For example, it can process both invoices that you received electronically and invoices you scanned in. Intelligent capture automates the invoice’s data extraction. This gets them ready for processing quickly for you, so you don’t have to. Goodbye, manual data entry! As a result of this automated information entry, you can eliminate the human error that once boggled down your processing. Documents are easily accessible through the Workday interface so you can make better decisions. It can also route necessary documents to the people who need them for review, approval, and coding, precisely when they need them.

In addition to decreasing manual labor, your system can significantly reduce your paper usage. When your invoices are captured, data collection and classification tools go into effect to locate the critical information, which helps the system to automatically index and classify your documents. This function also helps to accelerate processing and cut down on manual labor.

This way, your employees don’t have to spend considerable amounts of valuable time physically searching for the information they need. It’s easy to locate invoice documents when you need them using a hyperlink in your Workday invoice record. In addition, you can use an advanced search tool when it comes to those extra hard to find documents.

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