By integrating Hyland’s enterprise information management solution, OnBase, with Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE), organizations can connect JDE transactional data with supporting information stored in OnBase.

From their JDE screens, users easily access needed information. This could include an invoice’s related purchase order and packing slip. At the same time, users can take advantage of native OnBase functionality like adding notes to documents. Not only does this speed up processes, but it also frees up staff time to focus on other important business processes.

Many benefits come from integrating OnBase with JDE, including the fact that it reduces manual AP workload with AP automation. This means your employees can spend their time doing more value-added tasks rather than things like data entry. It also means that your visibility and control increase, as well as your consistency across your invoice approval process. It tracks liabilities, too, which prevents you from having duplicate invoice processing, unauthorized payments, and fund misappropriation.

This integration can be helpful when it comes to AR, too. It automates AR to enhance your organization’s financial health. OnBase itself can automate manual portions of AR operations. It also provides instant access to relevant data and documents. As a result, you can minimize your costs while also reducing your days sales outstanding (DSO) and providing greater visibility into your receivables and cash flow.

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