SAP Certified OnBase Document Management Integration

Why work with Naviant?

Naviant has developed a best-of-breed, world-class accounts payable automation solution for global organizations through certified-SAP integration that leverages the exclusive NavAP Framework for SAP, OnBase, and Brainware Distiller solutions. Utilizing enterprise content management with integrated document-centric Workflow and advanced OCR capture, extraction, recognition, matching, and validation, Naviant provides rapidly deployable, enterprise level, global world-class SAP AP automation solutions

SAP Content & Document Management Solution Overview

The OnBase Solution Suite for use with SAP ArchiveLink™ uses SAP Certified Integrations to automatically connect documents to the SAP transactions they support. At any point in the business process, these out-of-the-box solutions can automatically link documents to existing SAP business objects—or even auto-create business objects upon document capture into OnBase. This means that even in de-centralized operations, workers do not have to search in multiple locations for information needed to complete transactions; everything is at their fingertips—right from SAP screens—shrinking cycle times without adding training costs.

Documents scanned into OnBase and business objects created in SAP are linked via the ArchiveLink Content Repository. Processing and approving documents are easily done using either OnBase Workflow or SAP Workflow. Users can then easily retrieve the linked documents from their familiar SAP interface or any of the OnBase clients.

Critical Business Issues

  • Excessive time spent finding documentation that corroborates SAP business transactions
  • Redundant data entry into multiple systems is inefficient and prone to input errors
  • High cost of printing and storing print lists to adhere to legal requirements
  • Dedicated staff required to manually manage and index supporting documents, whether paper-based or in disparate systems, is costly and potentially inaccurate

Specific ROI & Facts

  • Labor costs are reduced because fewer employees enter data with more efficient transaction methods.
  • Only minimal end-user training is required because users do not need to switch between SAP and OnBase. All work is performed within SAP. Document retrieval occurs the same way, regardless of the SAP transaction.
  • Data integrity is strengthened because the OnBase Business Indexing Connector synchronizes SAP metadata with supporting documents.
  • Growing concern of governance, risk, and compliance means companies need to have better and faster access to supporting documentation.
  • Key Differentiator for the OnBase Integration is the Business Indexing Connector—the ability to auto-populate and update keywords in OnBase from metadata in SAP. No other competitor has this functionality.
  • What are the differences between OnBase and SAP DMS? There are many differences, but the most important include: SAP admits they are not a robust solution. They cannot handle high volume documents like a Certified SAP Solution. SAP DMS does not offer any native scanning solution or document retention process. Finally, the OnBase ActiveX Viewer offers greater functionality than the SAP document viewer, including rubber band zoom and cross-referencing.

Business Impact for SAP & OnBase Integration

  • Increase document visibility, providing access to important documents regardless of physical location.
  • Reduce costs by automating tasks—auto-create SAP business objects, auto-index and link supporting documents to objects.
  • Link virtually any type of unstructured data—including documents, forms or photos—to any related SAP business object.
  • Improve efficiency by eliminating the need for users to switch back and forth between applications to complete routine tasks.
  • One central repository stores all incoming and outgoing SAP-generated documents into OnBase.
  • Proven and mature SAP-certified solutions provide IT-configurable, out-of-the-box solutions that would otherwise require ongoing coded customization to achieve the same level of efficiency.

Key Features for SAP & OnBase Integration

  • Seamlessly route documents with SAP Workflow.
  • Pass keyword information to SAP Workflow to assist with prioritization and auto-population of SAP transaction fields.
  • Display documents from SAP with zero footprint required on client machines.
  • Automatically index OnBase documents whenever a related SAP business object is created or updated.
  • Enable OnBase Imaging iViews to extend ArchiveLink to SAP Enterprise Portal applications.
  • Link documents to SAP business objects using OnBase web services.
  • System-level integration provides real-time interaction between the SAP Business Workplace and OnBase.

Departmental Applications for SAP & OnBase Integration

  • Accounts Payable processes are streamlined from beginning to end. Invoicing is easily prioritized based on the organization’s needs and requires only a single point of data entry, automatically updating all necessary systems.
  • Accounts Receivable departments can quickly resolve deduction issues by linking all supporting content to customer records.
  • Human Resources must ensure that all employee records exist, are not expired, and are completely secure. Content can be linked at any time to any employee record in SAP. OnBase reporting easily identifies any missing or expired records.
  • IT Administration is reduced with SAP-certified solutions. IT can easily extend the integration with a complete administration front end. OnBase is also a certified back end repository for all data archive strategies.