Esri ArcGIS OnBase Document Management Integration

The future of enterprise information platforms: Document (and data) visualization

OnBase has integrated with Esri’s mapping applications for more than 15 years—connecting content to geographic map features. Your GIS users spend all day in their familiar Esri applications, so why not give them access to the supporting documents they need right within their existing system? With the OnBase Esri Integration, users have instant access right within Esri to all the supporting documents they need.

By leveraging additional data layers, OnBase also displays additional context to meet the needs of insurance companies, government agencies and healthcare organizations. Users may view insurance claims on maps of storm-damaged areas or map regions affected by cases of food-borne illness for further analysis.

How does OnBase Esri ArcGIS Integration Work?

See documents in Esri ArcGIS
A GIS (map) user can easily click on a map feature and view all the related documents in OnBase. This approach has always been widely adopted by government organizations that want to display land parcels with related building permits, design documents, inspection reports and more. Users can even complete service requests electronically directly from the map, initiating subsequent processing and repairs—often directly from a mobile device.

Map documents in OnBase
Now, thanks to real-time geo-coding of documents, anyone in OnBase can “put” their content on the map—displaying documents as pinpoints (on an interactive Esri map), not just Esri users. This provides an illustration of the information, while a mouse-click automatically presents the document behind the pin. In fact, any document in OnBase that has address information can now be plotted and viewed on a map from within OnBase. This function works by calling a service that looks up the coordinates, and no human intervention is required. In addition, users can add external content (public or private data) as a map layer, providing location analytics.

Esri Integration and OnBase Functionality

•  Geo-enable documents within OnBase, making them available to map through the Esri integration
•  Leverage Esri’s native interactive map functionality to change the base map, alternate between views/add additional data layers
•  Save modified maps as images in OnBase for use within automated workflow processes
•  Run location analytics on existing content within OnBase