MFM And OB/GYN Diagnostic Solutions with ECM

High-risk pregnancy care made easier

As Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) private practices and hospital OB/GYN departments continue their efforts to provide patients with best care possible, they’re also seeking ways to navigate ever-changing regulations while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This is difficult to do if your physicians, clinical staff, and administrative staff must constantly search for patient information.

An ECM solution allows you to seamlessly capture, connect, and store all your patient information in one HIPAA-compliant data repository for instant availability of the content you need, exactly when you need it:

  • Capture patient information at registration and eliminate redundant entry into varied systems
  • Streamline processes and reduce manual data entry errors
  • Unify disparate systems by providing proven communication and workflow integrations with a variety of applications, including current registration and scheduling systems, multiple ultrasound modalities, PACS, VNAs and billing systems

Choose an ECM solution that is flexible, scalable, and provides you with the ability to customize your processes and report presentations in a way that best serves your organization, staff, and patients. Custom ultrasound examination workflows keep your day running smoothly:

  • Integrate ultrasound examination data, sonograms, video clips, and volumes with clinical information for highly accurate, consistent, real-time report generation
  • Provide access to prior exam data for comparison at any time to facilitate clinical decisions

Aligning with guidelines you establish, choose a solution that can direct the appropriate content and information directly to the point of need. Generated reports can be shared immediately in a variety of ways for seamless, collaborative care among the MFM, patient, and referring physicians and Naviant offers solutions that:

  • Are ultrasound machine, vendor, and EMR agnostic
  • Easily launch from within EPIC
  • Have the ability to send discrete data to the EMR