IT teams play a vital role behind the scenes in today’s dynamic business world. It’s up to them to ensure that everything works well and effectively.

Still, the reality for many of these teams is a never-ending cycle of tasks, with resources stretched thin and the demand for support constantly growing. If you’re feeling the pressure of an overwhelming workload and a team that’s always playing catch-up, know that you’re not alone. And, more importantly, that there’s a solution within reach.

Managed Services can be your IT team’s lifeline, offering specialized support that ranges from handling day-to-day operations to enhancing and expanding your IT solutions.

As full-service as that definition may sound, Naviant’s managed services team provides far from a one-size-fits-all offering. With three distinct levels of service to choose from, finding the right fit for your unique needs is easy. And when you find your perfect match, it’ll transform how you manage IT for the better, freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Nothing’s set in stone, either. When your organization’s needs inevitably change, you can remove or add any services you’d like. This way, you’ll never have a service level that’s above or below what you truly need.

Let’s explore how each level of Managed Services can bring value to your organization and help you find the perfect balance of support and efficiency.

The 3 Managed Services Offering Levels:

The Baseline Offering: Standard SLA

Before we dive into the 3 core levels of managed services, let’s talk about our basic support option we offer to all our customers who have OnBase or OnBase and ABBYY. This offering is included whether you choose level 1, 2, or 3. With this, you gain access to our Naviant Customer Success Team that will provide Tier 2 support for your solution, with services including:

  • Unlimited Phone, Live Chat and Email Tier 2 Support during Standard Business Hours
  • 24/7 Emergency Phone Support
  • Annual Technical Audits
  • 35 hours of Professional Services towards annual Upgrades
  • Access to Webinars and Recertifications

Level 1: SLA + Managed Services

This next level of support is available to all customers, including ABBYY-only and RPA customers. It truly offers you a reality where where production issues, end-user support, and late-into-the-night calls no longer give your team excruciating headaches. In addition to the services already explored in the Standard SLA option, you gain access to comprehensive support that includes:

  • Dedicated Hands-on Production Break/Fix Support: For OnBase customers, we will provide you with a dedicated resource who will provide support for any issues that may affect your environment, such as system errors, outages, or failures.
  • Monitoring: We will monitor your system health and performance on a regular basis, and take preventive actions to avoid or resolve any potential issues before they impact your business.
  • Updates: We will make minor changes to your system configuration, such as adding or modifying users, groups, keywords, workflows, etc., to address the root cause of recurring issues or to fulfill small requests that take less than 4 hours on average.
  • Upgrade Planning and Assistance: We will help you plan and execute your system upgrades, including testing, validation, and deployment.
  • Training and Education: We will provide you with training and education for your end users and administrators, using remote-hosted working sessions and Naviant-provided reference documentation, as needed. We will cover topics such as system functionality, best practices, tips and tricks, etc.
  • Code reviews and production deployment support: We will review and support the deployment of any custom code that you may have developed or acquired for your system, and ensure that it aligns with your existing change control policies and procedures.

With this service level, you’ll also gain valuable insights into your operations. You’ll take advantage of tools that’ll help you stay ahead of production issues and improvement opportunities using customizable reports and dashboards. You even get assistance with consistent monitoring for KPIs like ticket counts and average response time. Thanks to this data, you’ll be able to see in real-time how managed services is benefitting your organization and make more informed decisions.

Whether your team or some of your new hires are new to your solution, your dedicated managed services team can guide and work alongside you as you acquire new abilities and knowledge. This service level is also a great choice if you’ve had an unforeseen employee departure. Your Managed Services team can step in while you look for new talent or can take on duties permanently.

Level 2: Managed Services + BA Support

If growth and modernization is on the horizon, level 2 is designed to guide you through every step. Level 2 goes beyond management and proactive monitoring and empowers you to deep dive into data-driven process improvement and enhancement. It includes all the services found in the Standard SLA option and Level 1, but you also gain access to the following additional services:

  • Business Analysis for New Solutions and Solution Design: We will provide you with business analysis and solution design services for any new solutions that you may want to implement or enhance for your system. We will work with you to understand your business requirements, challenges, and goals, and design a solution that meets your needs and expectations.
  • Optimization Assessment: We will conduct an optimization assessment of your system, and provide you with a report that includes recommendations for improving your system efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction. We will also implement the relevant recommendations as part of the support service.
  • AI and RPA analysis: Our team will analyze your current business practices for opportunities to adopt AI and RPA technologies. This includes both process automation, as well as, process assistance.
  • Implementation of Quick Wins: We will use the 4 hours per week from Level 2 to implement any quick wins that we identify from the optimization assessment or the business analysis and solution design services. These are small changes that can have a big impact on your system performance and user experience.

We will scope and budget the delivery of the projects that result from the business analysis and solution design services separately and provide you with a proposal and timeline for approval. No matter what project you go with first, you can rest assured knowing that not only is your existing solution in good hands, but your future is as well.

Level 3: Managed Services + BA Support + Delivery

With level 3, we add delivery to the services stack. This is the highest level of support we offer our customers, including the Standard SLA and Levels 1 and 2, as well as these services:

  • Advanced OnBase Solution Development & Configuration: We will provide you with advanced OnBase solution development and configuration services, such as creating or modifying complex workflows, forms, integrations, custom scripts, etc., to deliver the projects that result from the business analysis and solution design services.
  • Dedicated Solution Architect(s): You will have a dedicated solution architect(s) assigned to your account, who will work closely with you and your team to understand your system needs, provide technical guidance and support, and ensure the quality and consistency of the solution delivery.
  • InsightIQ: We will implement InsightIQ without any additional cost. InsightIQ will provide you with real-time dashboards and reports on your system performance, usage, and trends.

It’s Time to Elevate Your IT Operations

Choosing the right level of Managed Services is more than an operational decision—it’s a strategic move towards greater efficiency, innovation, and satisfaction for your IT team and your entire organization. By partnering with a Managed Services provider, you’re not just outsourcing tasks; your team is gaining additional experts dedicated to enhancing and expanding your IT capabilities. Together, we can redefine what’s possible for your IT team and your business.

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