In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, businesses face numerous challenges in maintaining their IT infrastructure. Whether it’s an unexpected departure of a skilled employee or bridging the knowledge gap after implementing a new solution, organizations are making managed services an integral part of their IT strategy to ensure continued success. At Naviant, our managed services team takes a dynamic approach, offering flexible service options tailored to each organization’s needs. As a result, there’s a wide variety of unique managed services examples represented in our customers’ managed services stories.

To give you an idea of how managed services can benefit your organization, we’ve compiled the stories of four Naviant customers from different industries that have experienced the advantages firsthand.

4 Ways Naviant Customers Are Benefiting from Managed Services

1. An Insurance Company Maintains Business Continuity After an Unexpected Departure

The sudden departure of a skilled IT employee can throw your organization into panic mode fast. It leaves you with open projects and issues that require specialized knowledge. However, finding suitable replacements can take considerable time, given the current IT talent shortage. Fortunately, managed services can come to the rescue.

One of our customers, an insurance company, experienced the sudden departure of their OnBase Admin, which resulted in a backlog of requests and ongoing projects. Naviant Managed Services provided a skilled IT expert who seamlessly picked up where the admin left off. They also successfully implemented all pending requests, including major tasks like an environment refresh and upgrade. In addition, one of our consultants also contributed to the effort by ensuring that the requests were well-defined and offering innovative approaches to improve efficiency.

2. A Tribal Nation Empowers a New Hire and Optimizes its Solution

Finding a candidate to fill a specialized role in your organization is a huge accomplishment. But even if they’re incredibly talented or have years of experience in the field, they may not be an expert in your solution. And relying solely on training courses to bring them up to speed may take a while before they become proficient.

This is where managed services coaching comes in. For example, our customer, a tribal nation, hired a new OnBase admin with limited experience, which affected their ability to resolve issues and implement enhancements effectively. Naviant Managed Services collaborated closely with their new admin for six months, coaching them on troubleshooting approaches and translating business requests into technical specifications. This partnership empowered the admin to become more self-reliant in supporting customers, allowing the Naviant team to focus on enhancing and optimizing their solution simultaneously. Impressed with the results, the tribal nation signed an Enhanced Managed Services agreement, extending the partnership to receive full OnBase admin support.

3. A Government Institution Bridges its Knowledge Gap

The first 6-12 months after implementing a new ECM solution can be challenging, especially once your digital transformation partner is no longer working alongside you every step of the way. Staying afloat can become difficult as you strive to balance managing your new solution with a growing list of urgent system enhancements. Managed services can help you promptly implement your “phase 2” enhancements, breaking through the chaos.

This managed services option proved invaluable for one of our customers, a government institution. After implementing a complex AnyDoc and OnBase setup, the institution required ongoing support and help to implement de-scoped items. Naviant Managed Services became their trusted partner, offering continuous support and helping them implement those additional items. To ensure long-term success, Naviant facilitated knowledge transfer by allowing internal admins to shadow and learn from their team, enhancing their skillset and enabling independent support in the future.

4. An Energy Infrastructure Company Achieves a Seamless Transition and Continued Success with Ongoing Support

Every organization has unique needs and goals that change over time. That’s why our managed services journey at Naviant is tailored to each customer. We offer flexible service options that can be scaled up or down as required, ensuring a perfect fit for your organization.

One of our customers, an energy infrastructure company, relied on Naviant Managed Services from the outset of their ECM project, an OnBase implementation. The company’s implementation was more complex than most, involving a spin-off from another organization. However, the implementation was made smoother and more manageable with managed services.

Once the implementation was complete, the company decided to continue its partnership with Naviant Managed Services by transitioning into long-term support. As a result, the company eliminated the need to hire internal staff for system support. And to ensure a seamless handover, we proactively onboarded our managed services team expert before the go-live phase. This proactive approach allowed for a smooth transition, and the ongoing collaboration with our implementation team provided the company with additional support as needed.

Begin Your Managed Services Story Today

Now that we’ve explored the managed services stories of four of our customers, there’s only one question left – what will yours be? If you have any questions or want more information from our managed services team, drop a question in the chat.

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