If your organization has invested in an OnBase solution, you’re already winning. But given OnBase’s versatility, you could be raking in even more benefits in different areas within your organization.

There are over 350+ modules within the OnBase product suite alone, so there are plenty of opportunities to maximize your solution and improve your work life. Still, with so many possibilities, knowing where to begin expanding your solution can be tough.

To get you started, let’s explore 7 of the top expansion ideas you can pursue in your organization (and get further use case breakdowns in the video below.)

7 Ideas for Expanding Your OnBase Solution Organization-Wide

1. Stop Relying on Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets used to be a given, but they no longer need to be. Many organizations are expanding OnBase to digitize their paper files. This way, they either rarely need to enter their filing cabinets, or they can eliminate them altogether. Either way, digitizing your documents offers some significant benefits:

  • You will be able to find documents faster
  • Your files will be more secure
  • You won’t risk misplacing or losing documents
  • You can give convenient file access to employees from wherever they’re working (hello, remote flexibility)
  • The auditing process will be easier

2. More Flexible Form Processing with Fillable PDFs

Every organization handles forms, and for years, the process was extremely inconvenient, especially for customers. Fortunately, you can improve your forms by converting them to be OnBase Unity Forms. This new form allows users to fill them out digitally without having to print the PDF, fill it out by hand, scan it, and submit it. And if your form has checkboxes, you can rule that users can only check one box per question. This way, you won’t have to track down users who accidentally checked multiple conflicting boxes on a form. You can even use the OnBase signature package or DocuSign to sign documents on the computer without printing anything out. OnBase allows you to keep your forms’ original layouts, too.

Use cases for fillable PDFs are virtually limitless, but we most commonly see OnBase users taking advantage of opportunities like:

  • Human Resources: Application for employment form, incident case submission form, PTO request form, benefit change request form, performance appraisal form
  • Accounts Payable: Check request form, purchase requisition form, vendor inquiry form, vendor contract request form
  • Information Systems: Hardware request form, system access request form, incident case submission form, employee onboarding form, employee offboarding form
  • Accounts Receivable: Order form, order dispute case form, order inquiry form, payment processing form

3. Accelerate Your Spreadsheet Use with WorkView

If you use Microsoft Access or Excel spreadsheets in your business, WorkView can help. WorkView is a low-code, configurable framework that lets citizen developers configure software applications. This eliminates the need for custom coding while still allowing you to tailor it to the needs of individual users, departments, or your entire organization. Some examples of how we’ve seen WorkView used include:

  • Change request and incident tracking
  • Admissions review
  • Clinical trial file access
  • Communication management
  • Complaint management
  • Contract tracker
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Employee health questionnaire
  • Fraud investigations
  • Funnel management
  • Gift agreement management
  • Grant application tracker

4. Ease Your Business’ Electronic Payments with Invoice Cloud

Previously, OnBase didn’t have any functionality allowing for payment collection. Recently, we decided to change that by partnering with Invoice Cloud, a payment processor. We’ve integrated Invoice Cloud with OnBase, so you can either:

  • Collect payments directly from your electronic forms before you begin processing the request
  • Bulk process and collect unity payments

5. Download Content Faster Using RPA

If you regularly download content in your business, Hyland RPA can accelerate this process. Hyland RPA automates manual, repetitive tasks with a digital workforce, freeing your knowledge workers to spend their time on more value-added tasks. While there’s no shortage of RPA use cases that apply to a variety of tasks across the organization, some download-specific use cases include:

  • Download bank statements from a website
  • Download HR employee data from an employee training site
  • Download vendor invoices from vendor portals
  • Download compliance requirements from a website

6. Enhance the Value of Other Business Applications with Integrations

OnBase can’t be everything for everyone, but you can extend its functionality to help within other business applications via integrations. With integrations, you can tie your most-used business applications to your OnBase content so your users will get all the benefits of your OnBase content while they work in these applications. They’re even point-and-click configured for easy deployment. Examples of common business applications OnBase can integrate with include:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Salesforce
  • RightFax
  • Workday
  • DocuSign
  • Adobe Sign
  • GuideWire
  • CAD
  • Cityworks
  • Courtview
  • SAP Success Factors

Another way you can enhance your business applications with OnBase include Application Enabler. Application Enabler is a screen security technology that lets you retrieve OnBase documents without leaving a business application. Additionally, you can perform actions like:

  • Compose a document
  • Create a new e-form
  • Create a new unity form
  •  Create a WorkView object
  • FolderPop
  • Index
  • Retrieve deficiencies
  • Retrieve document tracking folders
  • Retrieve documents
  • Retrieve folders
  • Retrieve in workflow
  • Retrieve WorkView objects
  • Run custom query
  • Run script
  • Patient window
  • Upload documents

Another option you can pursue is using OnBase API or OnBase REST API to create custom integrations. This way, you can build an integration tailored to your unique business needs.

7. Monitor Processes and Provide Reports More Easily with Dashboards

To stay on track with KPIs, many business users are required to monitor processes and provide reports on how OnBase is performing. Reporting dashboards make this task much easier, as they provide interactive real-time monitoring of your solution. You can even schedule the dashboard report to send to your managers at a frequency of your specification. To access your dashboards more easily, you also have the option to use its web viewer.

Make Your Work Life Better

Expanding your OnBase solution won’t just help you make the most of your investment. It’ll also help you create a more enjoyable work life for you and your peers, and in some cases, enhance your customer experience.

Want to Expand your OnBase Knowledge?
Want to Expand your OnBase Knowledge?

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