This announcement is to communicate Hyland’s decision to retire the SIRE product suite and to continue the process of actively moving SIRE users to OnBase by 12/31/2021. After this date, no maintenance fees will be collected for this product and no technical support will be provided to customers. This also means that Hyland will not be renewing any active agreements.

Driving Decision to Retire

Hyland acquired SIRE Technologies in August 2012 and took ownership of the Document Management and Agenda Management software suite named “SIRE”. This suite of software included several modules that address many different business needs of its customers. After extensive review, Hyland has decided to retire the SIRE product suite for the following reasons:

  1. End of Support for Required Operating Systems and 3rd Party Applications: The current SIRE software has dependencies on Windows Server 2008 R2 which will reach end of support on January 14, 2020. The version of Expressions Encoder that SIRE requires is end of extended support on January 12, 2020 and only runs on Windows Server 2008 R2. The SIRE product suite also leverages 3rd party streaming applications, such as Microsoft Silverlight that are reaching end of life and do not have a replacement product.
  2. Modern and Supportable alternative: R&D has spent considerable time and effort creating and supporting OnBase content management solutions, and the OnBase Agenda Management suite of applications as a module for module alternative to the SIRE product suite. A number of advantages for customers moving to the OnBase product range from new and enhanced features and functionality, improved data security and safety as well as continued OnBase product support and development.
  3. Security Risks: Continuing to use the SIRE product suite on unsupported software puts our customer’s solutions at risk if a security risk is surfaced that the vendor would not be providing a fix to.

What are the replacement options?

Customers who use the SIRE product suite can find replacements in the OnBase product suite as well as the full OnBase Agenda Management suite which includes solutions for Agenda, Minutes, Public Access, Mobile Agenda to Go, Media streaming, electronic voting, and more. However, this will require customers to move all of their SIRE data to the OnBase platform. Customers who still remain on SIRE are invited to contact Naviant to start discussions on a conversion strategy. Regarding the data in your SIRE system: On-premises customers will already have access to do what they please. For Hosted SIRE customers, please contact Naviant for options on how to obtain your data if you choose not to convert to OnBase.

Why Naviant can help?

Naviant, a top Hyland OnBase partner, has helped over a dozen local governments successfully transition from SIRE to OnBase for a robust agenda and document management experience. Hear a video testimonial from LuAnn Leggett, Deputy Administrator Clerk for Village of DeForest, and their successful transition from SIRE to OnBase, including quotes like: 

  • “What took 10 minutes in SIRE takes 10 seconds in OnBase.”
  • “One stop shop for Agenda Management & Content Management, and not as clunky as SIRE”
  • “Our President said “Thank you for bringing me the Agenda-To- Go”
  • “From the trustee or alderman point of view, it’s the best software out there”

To get started with your conversation on what to do next, please Contact Us.

About Jen

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