OnBase Supporting Growth: the Village of Deforest

LuAnn Leggett is the Deputy Administrative Clerk for the Village of DeForest. DeForest has a population of about 9,400 residents they are growing exponentially every year. Keeping up with growing numbers like this has proven to be a challenge for DeForest in a variety of ways. They recently decided that they needed the help of a solution to streamline their processes and continue to excel and grow.

One initial concern the Village of DeForest had was in regard to their staffing numbers. Their primary goal is to keep costs low enough so the residents can afford neutral tax increases every year. They continue to support this concern by working hard to maintain that growth without adding staff. Fortunately, OnBase has been a key factor in the success of this effort. Specifically, their implementation of OnBase has helped them to maintain services internally and keep residents’ tax rates low.

When they learned that another company had bought their current content management system, they started to do their homework. They were able to find really good agenda solutions and equally excellent content management solutions, but struggled to find a company that had the full package solution. That was until they met Naviant and learned about the OnBase solution.

The Transformation

Fortunately, OnBase was able to seamlessly integrate with their accounting software. They completely changed their processes from approving checks to be cut twice a month to doing it weekly. This change alone has greatly enhanced their cash flow and their ability to pay invoices in a timelier manner.

Given the transforming results and the positive experience that they’ve had with Naviant and OnBase, the Village of DeForest is implementing this software in every department. From police officers and a street utility workers to or front desk receptionists, workers across the board are using OnBase to streamline their work processes every day. Watch this testimonial video to learn more about how OnBase has been changing this community.

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