Are you losing valuable time to the painstaking task of manually processing documents? Brainware Intelligent Capture by Hyland can help you get that time back and enjoy even more benefits by streamlining your document processing. It accurately sorts physical and electronic documents by context, extracts and validates key information, and automatically passes it to your existing core business applications. But what does that really mean, and how does this technology work in real-life situations?

Let’s break down what Brainware is, how it works, and 4 powerful use cases:

Brainware Meaning: What is Brainware OCR?

Brainware is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR Software) tool that empowers users by liberating them from their costly manual data entry processes. This tool was designed with two main objectives:

  • It aims to capture information from documents quickly, accurately, and effectively with the least amount of human effort possible.
  • It’s designed to then leverage this data by intelligently exporting information to your core business application to take immediate and automated action on the data.

As a result, you save time, money, and make fewer mistakes all around.

How Brainware OCR Works

In short, Brainware software accurately sorts your documents, both paper and electronic, and automatically delivers this content to where it needs to be within your core business applications. Even if your documents have different file types, are from different departments, or are even in different languages, Brainware can process them seamlessly and quickly.

Additionally, Brainware can navigate through the more challenging documents, like a low-quality image. In a case like this, Brainware processes the image according to its best abilities, but for the exceptions, it automatically presents these to users and zooms into the fields which it’s unsure of so that the users can double check them for accuracy.

Behind this impressively intelligent processing, however, is some brilliant design. Brainware is driven by strategic algorithms and human-like learning-based engines. This allows it to perform with high accuracy and efficiency according to the requirements of your organization.

Constant Learning for Better Customization

A vital benefit of an intelligent system designed to be a constant learner is that you can educate it to fit your unique needs. For example, you can provide sample documents to teach Brainware where to locate critical business values in a record. This knowledge helps to improve your system’s awareness of where specific values are, which leads to even smoother processing in the future.

Flexible Configuration

Another benefit of Brainware is how flexible and straightforward the configuration process is. For instance, if you’re looking for an invoice date in a specific format, if you tell the engine what the date’s basic format is, the system knows that values on the documents with this format are candidates for the invoice date field. Additionally, if a number follows the words “Invoice Number:” or “Invoice #,” the system knows the value closest in proximity provides the highest confidence that it is indeed the invoice number.

Brainware Software - How AI, Machine Learning, and RPA Technology Play a Role

Brainware Use Cases Across the Organization

The benefits of Brainware software can apply in different ways throughout the various departments throughout your organization.

4 Brainware Use Cases

1. Accounts Payable: Brainware for Accounting can help speed up invoice processing dramatically. Imagine if it took your Accounts Payable (AP) department mere hours to process an invoice rather than days or weeks- with AP automation, this is possible. To do this, Brainware automatically extracts data from an invoice like the invoice date and title, P.O. number, line items, and totals. It then sends this information to your company’s ERP system. As a result, you can pay your vendor on time with ease and you may even get to take advantage of discounts, all while saving considerable time and energy.

Watch the 3-minute video below to learn how ABC Supply increased its revenue by over 23% without increasing headcount by applying Brainware to its AP processes.

Automated Accounts Payable Processing with Brainware - ABC Supply's Story

2. Accounts Receivable: Reconciling remittances can be very time-consuming, especially given how error-prone the process is when performed manually. With Brainware for Remittances, however, you can complete the process in seconds instead of hours or days. You can also gain greater insight and control into outstanding balances and resolve disputes quickly and easily. Brainware also offers real-time visibility into key performance indicators, business analytics, and metrics, which enable better decision making.  As a result, you can save both time and money while enhancing the customer experience.

3. Human Resources: HR departments juggle many documents and keeping track and recording them all can be a complicated, time-consuming process. However, Brainware can help your HR department slash its manual data entry by capturing critical data elements from its documents automatically. This ability can be applied to many HR functions, like recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, and other employee lifecycle processes. This way, you can improve your employee experience and free up your HR team’s time so they can tackle new valuable work.

4. Across Systems: Many organizations need to use a variety of different systems for different purposes. Fortunately, Brainware was designed with this need in mind. Brainware allows you to validate extracted data and seamlessly pass it to another system like financial management systems, ERP systems, and data management systems.

Brainware has the power to transform the way you handle documents. Learn more about how Brainware can enhance your organization’s performance on our Brainware Solution page.

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