Hartung Brothers is a family-owned and operated Agribusiness. They have devoted themselves to providing superior service as an agribusiness, producing and shipping a wide range of vegetables and seed corn for farmers and processors. However, as the company grew, so did the number of paper invoices it had to manage.

With 2,000+ invoices per week to process during their “peak season” and all of them arriving in different formats – paper, email, paper remote, fax, and CRM – it was essential for Hartung Brothers to change over to an automated system to keep up with business.

Working with Naviant, Hartung Brothers implemented OnBase in 2013 to improve invoice processing for about 30,000 invoices annually. They leverage OnBase within Accounts Payable integrated with Microsoft Dynamics to automate accounts payable and speed up critical business processes.

Once invoices arrive at Hartung Brothers – via email or mail – they’re scanned into OnBase, indexed and matched with the purchase order and packing slip. Hartung Brothers approves each invoice based on dollar thresholds. When an invoice arrives, OnBase looks at the dollar amount and determines who the appropriate person is to approve it, ranging from 30 managers to the Controller and CFO.

This solution leverages workflow, mobile integration, Outlook integration, as well as Unity Client. View Hartung Brothers case study.

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