Case Management – A New Mind Set for Solving Business Problems

Over the past two decades, organizations have striven to improve their processes by providing workers with better, faster access to information. Software tools have focused on automating manual tasks and other transactional activities. Such tools include Business Management (BPM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

While automation of repetitive processes continues to provide value, 51% of companies surveyed by AIIM said that more than 50% of their business processes rely on a knowledge worker with a high level of expertise. Organizations are seeking solutions that help employees handle high-value and non-routine tasks. For this type of work, more organizations are finding that what is required is the added flexibility and ad hoc nature of case management functionality. A case management tool allows you to tackle dynamic, unstructured work and equip your employees with the right information, in context, to effectively manage cases, incidents, customer relationships, investigations, and requests.

What Will I Learn?

Overall, this video will focus on gaining an understanding of the capabilities of a Case Management solution. You will learn how to leverage them to improve the management of your content and processes. It will also cover how they can help you improve the data needed to support unpredictable and dynamic decisions.

Additionally, within this video, you will learn a variety of helpful pointers for starters. Specifically, this will include a comprehensive understanding of what a case management solution is. Also featured will be the capabilities and advantages of what a case management solution can offer to your organization. Additionally, you will learn about the benefits of purchasing a solution that is easily scalable across your enterprise. You will also get the scoop on exactly how a case management solution can add value to your organization. Finally, we will provide you with four important questions to ask before selecting a Case Management solution provider.

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